With the advance of science, the use of LASER technology is more frequently being applied to different branches of medicine. Likewise, dermatology has begun to offer more effective and safer treatment through this technology.

Some of the LASER applications in dermatology and aesthetics are:

  • Permanent hair removal
  • Treatment of blemishes
  • Treatment of warts
  • Treatment of Hemangiomas
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Acne scars
  • Wrinkle reduction

Laser CO2

When acne disappears, it can leave marks or scars. These are a frequent reason for dermatological consultation, since they usually cause an important aesthetic impact on the person who suffers from them.

For the treatment of acne scars, dermatologists use a combination of different techniques, depending on the type and degree of the scars. These techniques can be custom tailored to each individual case, using chemical peeling, laser, augmentation with hyaluronic acid and micro puncturing, among others.

When opting for laser, we prefer the fractionated CO2 laser system This acts in a selective and localized manner, delivering energy as a controlled temperature front, enough to produce damage confined to skin columns which heal quickly. This therefore leaves areas of new collagen which lead to an improvement in the tone and texture of the scar, softening it, thus improving the final appearance of the treated area.


Dr. Cepeda, recently based in this country, currently works as a dermatologist at the Dermatology and Advanced Aesthetics Center (CDERMA), located in the Centro Profesional Vida, office 812 in Tower 2. All her medical training was undertaken over an 11-year period in the city of Rio de Janeiro and her studies include:

» Medical Doctor from the University of Grande Rio.

» Specialization in Internal Medicine at the Santa Casa de la Misericordia Hospital.

» Specialization in Dermatology from the Souza Marques Foundation.

» Degree as a Specialist from the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

» Course in Cosmetic Dermatology and Cosmetology.

» Full Member of the Brazilian society of Dermatology.


Laser depilation

Hair removal is already a part of the lives of nine in ten women, and why not, in the lives of some men?

No matter what gender, the most common methods to get rid of unwanted body hair, such as plucking with tweezers, wax removal or shaving with a razor daily, are synonymous with pain, discomfort and often with ingrown hairs.

Laser hair removal is a great choice to reduce body hair in a faster, more efficient, safer and often definitive manner.

It removes uncomfortable body hair by eighty percent; the remnant decreases in quantity and becomes thinner and clearer.

Whoever suffers from ingrowing hair can find in laser hair removal the solution to their problems. In addition to removing the hairs, the laser acts as an anti-inflammatory in the treated area.

The number of sessions varies according to each patient, the area to be treated and other factors such as: sex, age, pigmentation of the skin and hormonal problems.

It is usually necessary for the patient to undergo six to eight sessions with an interval of at least 30 days, because the hairs are only eliminated during the growth phase.

The technique consists of transforming the energy of the laser into heat. This acts upon the hair root, destroying the hair follicle completely, unlike photo depilation done with pulsed intense light. The results of laser hair removal are more effective, longer-lasting, safer and with less risk of skin burns.

Laser hair removal leaves no mark and can be used on anyone, except pregnant women or in cases of certain skin diseases.

The patient should not be tanned and plucking with a tweezer or waxing in this period is not recommended.

According to Brazilian dermatologist Dr. Ana Cristina Cepeda Amorim, a Full Member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, there is no disadvantage to this type of hair removal. The dermatologist warns that the most important consideration in laser hair removal is to choose a good professional and a trustworthy clinic.


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